Person arrested after allegedly causing fatal crash in a stolen vehicle, biting officer and firefighter

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ELOY, AZ – One person has been taken into police custody after they allegedly stole multiple vehicles and were involved in a hit-and-run crash and a fatal motorcycle collision, then attacked a woman and bit a police officer and firefighter in Eloy on Monday.

According to CBS 5 News, the fatal collision happened near Highway 87 and Hanna Road at about 1 a.m. Monday, when the driver of a gray Nissan Altima collided with a motorcycle.

The motorcyclist, 31-year-old Talon Nunez, died at the scene.

25-year-old Ivanny Morales Torres may have stolen the Nissan Altima from a family member before the crash and may have also been involved in an earlier hit-and-run collision on Highway 87 and 187 involving a stolen pickup truck.

After the accident, Torres is said to have gotten into a fight with the sister of the victim, who was looking for Nunez’s body after recognizing his motorcycle near the scene, and may have tried to steal her vehicle. The victim’s sister was able to drive away from the scene.

Torres then allegedly attempted to pull another woman from her vehicle by her hair, though she was also able to drive away. Torres allegedly jumped into the vehicle of a third woman, who arrived to help Nunez’s sister locate his body. Torres then started to drive away from the scene.

A friend of Nunez reportedly started driving after Torres after witnessing the scene, and they crashed into the back of the allegedly stolen vehicle after Torres slammed on the brakes. Torres is said to have then attacked the friend, who sprayed them with pepper spray. Torres allegedly bit and spit pepper spray onto the face of a trooper trying to break up the fight. Torres is also said to have bitten a firefighter during the altercation.

They were taken to the hospital to receive treatment after the crash and to be evaluated for their unusual behavior. Torres reportedly admitted to recently using meth and fentanyl.

Torres was then taken to the Pinal County Detention Facility.

The incident remains under investigation.

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